Easy Valentine’s Day Home Decor

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When Christmas decorations are packed away and end-of-the year holidays are officially over, your home naturally feels less festive. How to deal with the post-holidays blues other than cleaning, organizing, and purging the closets? Surprise your loved ones with warm and cozy Valentine’s Day decor. You don’t have to break the bank to make someone feel very special, but spend some time to bring love and smiles to your home. We browsed dozens of DIY decor ideas for Valentine’s Day and hand-picked a few tasteful winners from Pinterest that are easy to make but look fabulous.

We love this white mantel decor with a few red accents and delicate patterns! The source provides step-by-step instructions and there is also a tutorial for the wooden panel with letters “LOVE.” No time for panel? No problem? Just use any white fabric stretched over canvas or an old art work and place letters on the top. Chances are, you already have almost all the supplies needed for this project: pick up some pine cones outside, search your craft supplies stash for any red ribbon, use the clear glass vases or bottles you already have with some heart stickers you can find anywhere, and improvise with printed large letters to spell love, if you don’t have wooden ones. Have fun with the special messageĀ in a bottle! (Source)

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What if red clashes with your existing decor or you are in a mood for something different this season? Neutral decor easy DIY mantel may be exactly what you are looking for. What do we love about this project? Black, white, and cream colors will go with any existing decor. Elements of this DIY mantel are pretty simple and can be easily assembled or substituted. For candle holders, use any white or neutral candle holders you already own. Note that classy-looking white decorative trees are made from coffee filters, Very creative! (Source)

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Our next pick – red, white, and black mantel. Though simple, it looks very classy and festive. Use your favorite photo in a red frame, empty black frame with some patterned hearts and a red, and white sign (can be ordered on Etsy) to complete the look. (Source)

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Looking for some Valentine’s Day printables? Check these FREE printable signs – they come as high resolution PDF files, ready for download. Love the colors on the watercolor ‘Love & Arrows’ sign – it will look fabulous in a simple frame on your mantel! (Source)


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