Photo Christmas Cards Ideas

Christmas cards and holiday cards have lived through a lot of transformations since the official first Christmas Card made its appearance in 1843.

According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association (GCA), Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year where 1.6 billion Christmas cards are the boxed cards and the rest are attributed to online custom holiday greeting cards.

Many online retailers offer a plethora of print-on-demand Christmas and holiday greeting cards for businesses as well as photo Christmas cards that are growing in popularity with selfie-obsessed millennial crowd.

What are some of the latest trends that are popular choices for photo Christmas card ideas?

Personalized holiday cards capture a moment in time and summarize the year of achievements and events, so you can share it with family, friends, and colleagues.

It makes it fun to tap into the world of current design trends as it says a lot about our generation and what sentiments are important to express in holiday greeting.


Nowadays, year-in-review comes as a photo Christmas card with images that capture our precious moments of the year: engagement, wedding, anniversary, a birth of a baby, first steps of a toddler, a family reunion…

But why are we still so drawn to sending a printed card in the age of smart phones, Facebook, and snapchat? One of graphic designers summarized it perfectly: “I think it is actually lack of heat — the fact that we are a retro product rather than the hottest new thing — that keeps greeting cards hot in the smartphone age,” according to Alan Friedman, president, Great Arrow Graphics. You can’t touch the Facebook post but you can save, frame, and cherish hand-written Christmas card with your grandkids’ faces. The paper makes it real and personal touches make it special, no-matter what century is outside the door.

There are many layouts available online for a perfect year-in-review photo Christmas card. Keep it simple with three to five photos and easy to read, uplifting messages. It can also be a photo collage that gives your card unique and modern look. The design trends are usually more simple, so the photos will not be overpowered by too many details, fonts, and colors. Choose a color scheme and add a few variations to keep it interesting and you’ll have a perfect photo Christmas card that will bring joy to relatives and friends.


There is something magical in black and white design which keeps chalkboard photo Christmas cards ideas at the top of popularity lists. Depending on the font and layout, chalkboard design feels warm and hand-made though setting up a perfect contrast background for the colorful family photo in Christmas red attire. Year after year it doesn’t go out of style for both traditional holiday greeting cards as well as modern and chic. Many designers make the chalkboard message completely customizable so you can add warmth and personality. It is not possible with store-bought generic ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting cards.

Though it is easy to get lost in a sea of options for numerous chalkboard designs, it also makes it fun and exciting to pick something unique that unmistakably compliments your style and personal message. It doesn’t have to be busy-busy as the chalkboard menu of your favorite coffee shop on the corner. Many modern chalkboard designs have only a few words and simple fonts accentuated by holiday details such as timeless white snowflakes on a black background. Be creative and your card is sure to be noticeable addition to the colorful mantle display above the fireplace and to warm up the hearts of loved ones during the Holiday season & beyond.


Rustic and Christmas go well together – we all are longing for that feeling of being lost in the snow at a log cabin by the fireplace surrounded by the loved ones. Rustic photo Christmas card ideas may have wood, stone, burlap backgrounds and more whimsical fonts evoking memories of pancake breakfast after you tip-toe to open Christmas presents under the tree. Colors are more subtle, with prevailing earth tones and occasional black and gold.

Rustic design can also feature popular chalk board and or lace designs, mason jars with colorful lid covers evoking memories of home-cooking and hand-made preserves, snow, sledding, fireplaces – let your imagination decide the subject for your holiday greeting cards. Rustic photo Christmas card ideas can also include beloved family pets playing with children, cute barnyard animals, horses, or reindeers. It all says “Merry Christmas” and suggests fun family time reflected in your holiday greeting cards. If you are running a country store, rustic style would be also appropriate as your Holiday or Christmas cards for business and help you stand out in the sea of similar-looking corporate “Season’s Greetings” cards that inundate our mail boxes in December.


One of the most popular options among photo Christmas card ideas is a great family photo with full-bleed printing thus assuring that it will occupy all the ‘real estate’ of your holiday card.

Add a simple message in one of brushy modern fonts and you are ready to go! This is a great option for those of us having busy lives – you can have more time to spend with family rather than design an elaborate Christmas card. There are many design options available for these holiday photo cards: with variety of simple or not-so-simple borders, fonts, messages, color pallets, and shapes of flat cards. Make sure that your design matches your photo style and attire. If you took a snapshot at the family cabin and everyone is dressed in denim and cowboy boots, pick a rustic style for an overlaying message and font. If it is a fireplace shot with everyone wearing their best dress attire, elegant theme would be appropriate.

Design Buff

The latest trends in holiday greeting cards are stylish designs that are both sleek and modern.

They make your card look more artistic rather than cute. What is hot: a great pattern like chevron, stripes, dots or damasks; watercolor palette or unusual colors combined with cool fonts and a great photo – all that will create a winning combinations for a photo Christmas card that is memorable and unique. Tired of red polka dots and green chevron patterns? Try black & white photo with simple grey background, blue font and white accents. The results may amaze you. Black and white with hues of maple will create the look which is contemporary and sophisticated.

Merry & Bright

The whole holiday season is merry and bright so we all want to reflect that joy in the holiday greeting cards that are sent to friends and family.

Traditional red and green are complimented with a variety of bright colors from pastels to neon-bright that make your photo Christmas cards fun and contemporary. If you family photo already has bright colors, we may suggest keeping your message simple and using complementing colors. Or just use a few bright colors in the same group to accentuate the colors of the photo. White backgrounds work well with this color scheme and give your photo cards a sleek modern look. Bright colors over the black & white photo create an interesting vintage look. Neon colors on a black background create a memorable holiday party invitation.


Creating a funny photo holiday greeting card can be a great way to jump-start your family fun for the season. Start with a funny family photo – pets may lend you a friendly paw that will just do the trick. Dressed up puppies wearing Santa hats will sure win everybody’s smile. It can also be your unique humorous message that makes everyone laugh. Be creative – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Gold and Shine

Christmas and Holidays go well with gold and everything that shines – and these timeless trends are reflected in holiday greeting cards every year.

It can be a simple word (’Believe’, ’Joy’, ’Merry’) printed in gold foil over the family photo, golden reindeer silhouette on a modern background or shining gold dots on a black background with modern font.

Gold doesn’t have to be overpowering and tasteless – in modern holiday cards, gold is usually just an accent surrounded by negative space or an understatement to create modern look.

Gold foil on white background also looks fresh and festive. Faux gold can adorn frosty snowflakes accents, modern dots, or festive sparkle – adding a little shimmer to your holiday photo cards can go a long way, though actual gold foil-stamped cards may require spending some extra money.

“Merry Christmas” or simple “Blessed” can be printed over your family photo in faux gold foil for some added holiday sparkle as one of popular photo Christmas card ideas.