Quick and Easy Christmas Home Decoration

How to transform your home in time for Christmas?

xmas-decor-artLife gets very busy between Thanksgiving and and New Year, so who has time to create elaborate wreaths, set up Victorian Christmas villages on the mantel, or tie up 50+ custom ribbon bows for a picture-perfect Christmas tree? Not us, right? But in spite of our busy lifestyles and all the hurdles the end of the year presents, we all long for that warm, cozy place filled with the anticipation of a Christmas miracle…

So, let’s see how you can transform your home into a winter wonderland – quickly, effortlessly, and on a budget with a few simple indoor Christmas decorations.

IKEA has lots of genius ideas to help you decorate on a dime. If you concentrate on the space that will be used the most during Holiday Season – your living room – you’ll save time and money . You can change the color scheme of your whole space in just 5 minutes by using inter-changeable decorative pillow cases in your preferred colors. To continue changing with the seasons, decide on a couple of neutral ones that will stay and compliment other accent colors. For example, gold and tan pillows you can keep all year long and just change accents: purple (or red) for Christmas; bright green for spring; blue and nautical theme for summer; and earth tones for fall.

To compliment the look and make it uniquely yours, invest on one exquisite pillow that you can create or order on Zazzle. This will be your special heirloom item that the whole family will cherish. You are done!pillow

Next step – mantel.

Fireplace brings families together during the holidays and lets you create these special moments that your kids will remember when they have their own munchkins! Here are a few simple ideas that are easy DIY projects for the whole family. Too traditional, ornate, and over-the-top decorations may not be your style, plus they take so much time (and space to store!) so why not try understated Nordic-style mantel. Just 4 letters that you can pick up at your local Michaels store (or ask your handyman to make) and decorate or paint yourself, simple wreath, one candle, and a star (antique gold will look classy too) – that’s all you need to create a statement piece above your fireplace. Try letters in different sizes and finishes – you can go classy or rustic.

No fireplace?

Decorate your entrance hall to welcome guests and family. Just use one of plastic battery-operated candles to make it kid-friendly and avoid accidents. You can also spell JOY, SNOW, or XMAS – let your imagination guide you. ‘O’ in ‘SNOW’ can be a small (or medium) wreath – just a hint!



Every festive holiday table needs a centerpiece. It doesn’t have to be over-complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. Our guess would be that you may already have all the necessary pieces . If not, just pick up three green (or red!) pears (or apples) on your next trip to the market.

Bonus: use them afterwards in your pear and Gorgonzola salad. Pick a simple square or rectangular plate, some matching green and silver Christmas tree ornaments, and cuttings from your evergreen cypress or pine – you are done in under 5 minutes! Even a few clippings from a life Christmas tree would do the trick. For an after-dinner treat for your family and guests, sprinkle some foil-wrapped truffles along with the ornaments. The simplicity of this elegant centerpiece is stunning!

CRAFTMART_BLOG_pear centerpiece, Holiday decor_197


As the Holidays approach, you are getting more and more greeting cards and photo Christmas cards from friends and family – that’s decor that will bring warmth and holiday spirit into your home and takes almost no time to create.  We love this simple and classy display for all your cards – and after New Year use it to display your favorite photos, kids art works, etc.  Tutorial here .

If you don’t want to spend time on mounting boards, you can use some of your existing floating shelves or arrange wire to form Christmas tree shape on your blank wall.