Knitting for beginners: how to knit Garter Stitch (9)

What is a garter stitch? It is the easiest in the plethora of all knitting stitch patterns that you can imagine. You just knit all the rows – on both the right & wrong side of your knitting fabric. The purl stitch will be visible on both sides, as the knit stitches are hidden between them, as you can see on the sample. If you are trying to master the purl stitch, just purl all the rows instead. Your knitting fabric will look the same. No counting, no thinking, no checking the pattern, and almost impossible to mess up. The beauty of a garter stitch is that it creates a stretchy fabric that won’t curl on the edges (as stockinette stitch) and looks the same on both sides which makes it great for reversible projects: easy baby blanket knitting pattern, knitted scarf patterns, and many other easy knitting projects.


Just a note: of you are knitting garter stitch in a round, just alternate knit and purl stitches at the point where you have connected the round. This technique can be used for an easy garter stitch hat, for example, as one of beginner knitting projects.


If you master knit & purl stitches, stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and rib pattern you can let your creativity guide you into creating some of your own simple knitting patterns: just alternate different knitting stitches you already know to come up with unique easy knitting projects such as scarf knitting patterns and baby knitting patterns. Refer to our tutorial on how to knit faster the basic knit and purl stitches and soon you’ll be churning multiple creations at no time.

Garter Stitch
Cast on 20 stitches (or as many as you need for your project)
(check our tutorial on easy and fast cast on method)

1st row (and all other rows):
SL (slip) one*, K (knit) 19 (or until the end of the row).
2nd row: repeat the 1st row

Bind off. Weave in the tails (refer to our how to knit for beginners step-by-step tutorials on these topics and knitting help).

* Always slipping the first stitch of the row creates a beautiful neat-looking edge that has a chain pattern.

You are done! It is that easy.
Happy knitting!